Rooth's Refs

Rooth'ragon - anthro - toon

Things to note:

  • Earsails have 3 panels (4 vanes)

  • 4 digits on hand (thumb + 3 fingers)

  • big 3-toed dune-walkin' feet

  • mane goes from head to tailtip

  • tailtuft sprouts all the way around the tail, not just dorsal and ventral

  • no horns!

  • wings optional (minor shape-shifting ability)

  • eye hue shifts, usually yellow or aqua, but can be other colors in more intense scenarios

  • Usually digitigrade; plantigrade acceptable in certain scenarios/styles, pls ask first

Character © Rooth

Artwork © electrocat

Rooth'ragon - feral

  • Feral version of Rooth'ragon.

  • Can be any size, from micro to cosmic.

  • FA samples (most recent first)

Most common corrections:

  • where the tailtuft starts, it starts all around the tail tip, not just dorsal and ventral

  • vanes/panels of earsails (count often doesn't match ref image)

Rooth has his own web page

Rooth's own journal post, describing personality and such, with links to sample images

Art © nyface

Rooth'ragon - anthro - paint

Anthro form of Rooth'ragon

  • Usually digitigrade, but an be plantigrade like Spunky did (certain scenarios/styles ok, please ask)

  • FA samples (most recent first)

  • Wings are optional, without or with

  • Feet are kinda big; If it fits your style, feel free to go huge, like cyber-zai did

  • Rooth can be any size, even planet sized

  • Magical (arcane, dimensional, portals/gates, light)

Most common corrections

  • Number of panels/vanes on ears

  • Tail tuft sprouts simultaneously all around the tail, not just dorsal/ventral

  • Large feet

See reference submission for more points of note

Rooth has his own web page

Rooth's own journal post, describing personality and such, with links to sample images

Art © rukis

Rooth'roo - Anthro

Rooth'roo is a "snowshooroo" -- a white kangaroo with some features similar to that of a snowshoe hare

Most common corrections:

  1. Feet are stupid big in proportion, 3/8 as long as he is tall (sometimes as long as 1/2)

  2. Black eartips

  3. inner toe is the smallest toe; outer medium, middle largest

Art © vallhund

Cinnamon - Na'vi/jackrabbit

  • 14' tall when standing or moving digitigrade

  • 13' tall when standing plantigrade

  • Curious, playful, affectionate, spiritual

  • territorial, bossy, naiive

  • Primary skill: hunter

  • Secondary skill: shaman magic (life, shamanistic, earthy)

  • Cannot change size

Good eye reference

FA examples (most recent first)

Most common corrections:

  • Ear tentacles (aka, "neural whips" or "queues") need to be long, at least as long as her arm

  • They're attached to each ear at the base, and a little bit up the ear edge

  • 4 digits on hands and feet, no pads

Art © sidian

Darrow - male lapanaki

Species: Lapanaki, tribal-ish anthro rabbit

Notable features:

  • Extra fluffy - particularly chest, hair, and mane, but also legs and feet

  • Extra large feet - 40% as long as he is tall

  • Extra long ears, a bit longer than his feet

  • Large thighs, shortish lower legs

  • Stand plantigrade, move digitigrade or sometimes hop

  • Sexual dimorphism

    • Males (depicted) range 4-6 feet tall

    • Females range 5-9 feet tall

    • Similar-sized mates are very uncommon and regarded as awkward socially; shorter females with taller males are almost unheard of

Female-specific features (not depicted):

  • Females are much taller on average, 5-9 feet

    • Tall males are often mistaken for short females

  • Similar body proportions as an average male, but larger females often have more length in the lower legs & torso, and wider hips

  • Females develop a single pair of breasts in a relative range of sizes similar to humans, but may appear larger due to fluff

Art © faruku

Character © me rooth

Original post:

Aram - emerald half-dragon

Aram, the emerald half-dragon monk (originally from D&D)

Most common corrections

  • Earsail panels and vanes

  • Horns (one large, one small, on either side)

  • Mane goes from head to almost the end of the tail

  • Ref sheet is simply colored, but feel free to vary the emerald hue for horns and wings and ventral scales and so on

Art © arcanasigal

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