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The Big Idea: First Dates

Artists, the commission Concept: Draw a "first date" scene between Rooth'ragon [ feral ref or anthro ref ] or Rooth'roo [ feral ref or anthro ref ] and any other character, artist's choice from the volunteers over here! You may instead choose one of your own, a fan character, or even make it a YCH.

Participants, if you fill out this form (or comment on this journal) with a ref to your character and give express permission for the artist to to include you, any artist who takes this commission might choose you! Sharing the cost is not necessary! (but appreciated).

Constraints: Artistic freedom on setting, characters, and most other aspects, save for the following:

  • Dates: as Rooth is of the hetero-romantic persuasion, female applicants for dates are welcome. No judgements, that's just his preference.

  • Cameos: all genders and persuasions are welcome to fill out the form for possible cameos in future commissions!

  • Once: while a couple can visit several settings over the course of a First Date, to encourage diversity I will discourage repeat commissions with the same character pairing. But it's not entirely forbidden; a particularly good idea can sway me from this. Also, only one commission per artist - the 50 First Dates will be from 50 different artists.

  • Rating: strongly suggest G-PG. Rooth'ragon is a romantic gentleman, and Rooth'roo is a naïve goofball, so R is too far for a first date. If the girl is particularly lascivious and you want to push the edge, talk to me first: I might not repost it if it's too edgy, or if it's super-edgy, I might require you not to post it, or just reject it completely.

Completed First Date Commissions

Alice & Rooth

Ecila & Rooth

By Wolframkyo & Twistedmichie

Alice & Rooth

Geecku & Rooth

Erestrebah & Rooth

Valerie & Rooth

Lei-Lani & Rooth

Shinari Yuki & Rooth

Amelda & Rooth

Shealai & Rooth

Kilo & Rooth

Misty & Rooth

Eigengrau & Rooth

Toti & Rooth

Lightfury & Rooth

Eileen & Rooth

By Cooner
(NYP, here's his Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoonerArt )

Nashia & Rooth

By Aaros
Not posted